Are you a face chaser?

In all card games including Blackjack and Poker, players seek ‘face’ cards. These cards are the ones which display a picture rather than a number specifically they are the kings, queens and jacks. These high-valued cards are what are often need to win hands in Poker or to crack a high score in Blackjack.

The term ‘face chaser’ may also be used for a person who has a poor hand with cards, unless they land one of these face cards. These traditional card games itself can also be known as ‘face chaser’ games if the centre hand contains a potential straight but all players are holding number cards. The players will ‘chase the face’ during the draw and hope to land the win.

Are you a face chaser?

Face-Chaser expects to draw a face card

More often than not, when players mention ‘Chasing the face’ they mean to draw a face card in a Poker hand.
So essentially the term may be invoked for players and both games where these face cards are of utmost importance.
Certain hands, when drawn, may call for a player to employ ‘face chaser’ tactics and to try to land these high powered cards consisting of the king, queen or jack.
Apart from Poker, these ‘Face chasers’ also appear during blackjack games, where to beat the dealer and get closer to 21 one must draw one or more picture cards. In most of the card games, face cards have a value of 10.

Are you a face chaser?

It may be your house, or a casino or even a game of online blackjack but in order to ace these card games, one must score or aim to chase the face cards. These cards enable and guarantee a win at a certain level throughout the game. In a deck of 52 cards, there are only 12 face cards and hence substantially increasing their value in games.

Online show of cards

As these card games move beyond the traditional land realm, the term face chaser may also be in reference to an online video slot wherein the main symbols are the cards. Even here the players score the highest from these high values king, queen and jack cards. Another rather unheard reference to face chasing maybe to the usage of a face recognition software used in video gambling that facilitates video chat.

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