Types of Online Casino Games

The online casino industry came into being during the mid 90’ and owe its emergence to the rise of the all-powerful internet. This revitalized the gambling scene by enabling anyone anywhere to play casino games of their choice, without requiring them to set foot in an actual casino. Today, online gambling has yearly revenues in the billions and is among the fastest growing gambling sector on the globe.

If you are interested in catching your regular dose of fun and hopefully wins at an online casino, here are the following types of online casino games you can expect to find and should indulge in.

Slots/Pokies- The slots found in online casinos have the same principles of operation as regular slots in brick-and-mortar casinos. They are however more varied, can have a ludicrous amount of eye-candy and are extremely easy to play. All that’s required is to select a bet size, pull down a virtual lever and so make the reels spin.
Once the reels stop their spinning motion, the icons featured on them are lined up and pay out according to predetermined settings. Some slots also have progressive jackpots, with these sometimes paying out in the six or seven figures.

Types of Online Casino Games

Video Poker- Here, the aim is to simply get a hand that’s as powerfully overwhelming as possible. Once a bet is placed at an online casino, five cards are dealt.
If these cards are to your liking you get to keep them. Those cards you do not prefer are removed and new ones are given, with these making up the final hands. The payout here varies depending on the casino in which it is played, but usually, the odds in video poker improves along with the hand.

Blackjack- This is an old game that was invented in Europe and was ardently played by the royalty. The objective here is to get a hand that is as closest in value to 21. In this game, each royal card is worth 10, with the Ace being worth either 1 or 11.

Players in blackjack are given an initial two cards. More can be requested for and wins payout at even odds.

Roulette- The game of roulette is as fast-paced as a NASCAR race and is dependant on pure chance. A wheel with numbered slots positioned along its insides is used and these are coloured either black or red.

Gameplay is begun when the roulette wheel is spun up, with a marble ball rotating within. When the wheel eventually slows down and the ball stops in any of the numbered pockets, bettors who wagered on that particular pocket are winners.

Craps- In this online casino game, players roll dice in the hope of coming up with either a 7 or 11, while bettors place bets on their odds of success. When a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled, that is Craps and the round is lost. Rolling any other number results in the second round of play.

Baccarat- In this casino game, players are required to get a hand with a face value that’s nearest to 9. A couple of cards are drawn by the player and their value added. Should this value be over 10, then the first digit is removed. In Baccarat, bettors place bets on who among either themselves or the dealer will win the round. Even if they lose the hand, the bet will be paid if they correctly guessed the winner.

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