Roulette Wheel: Myths & Facts Busted

When you’re at the casino next time for a game of Roulette, watch the wheel a little more closely! The regal casino game of Roulette still continues to assemble fans even on the online platform today. Most leading developers have come up with innovative variants of the game which along with its classic form has been turning heads at top gambling sites.

If you are a regular Roulette player you might have come across a host of strategies, tips and tricks to enhance your odds of winning. Some experts point out the myths associated with the game. Here are a few facts highlighted in this guide that could prove useful before you place your following Roulette bets.

Roulette Wheel: Myths & Facts Busted

The Roulette wheel is in continuous motion

While the inventor of the wheel Pascal would have wanted you to believe that the wheel is in a perpetual motion. That’s not exactly how it worked. What was in the making was this probability machine, the Roulette wheel that doesn’t cease spinning at the casinos.

House edge in Roulette

Originally, the Roulette wheel was said to be designed by British aristocrats to extract money from players with a 2.7% house edge. However, the double-zero Roulette wheel from the Americans adopted in a more profitable way doubling the house edge.

Not many players understand or are interested in what makes the wheel the way it is, i.e. its structure or mechanism. Most players simply place the bets and anticipate the ball to spin into their chosen pockets and claim the winning amount. Essentially, there are three parts to the roulette wheel with the ball track, the base track and the wheel head. The first is where the ball is spun and takes its course, the second track is where the ball descends towards its final pockets and the head is where the ball bounces prior to settling into a single pocket. Most online roulette formats have two balls where one is large and the other smaller. This changes the nature of how the ball lands making it difficult to predict where it will settle.

Roulette wheel numbering vis-à-vis numbers on the layout

You may observe that in the two-zero Roulette wheel, number one and two aren’t placed next to one another but are across. This is done by casinos to keep the method random. Players may not know that betting on 1, 2, 3 does not essentially mean the numbers are grouped together on the wheel.

Unlike other casino games, roulette offers a number of betting options where players can bet on inside numbers, outside numbers, outside propositions or combinations and more.

While players over decades have been trying to come up with strategies around the wheel’s structure, dealer watching, visual tracking and so on; today’s roulette wheels are near to perfect balance. At online casinos, advanced software and regular lab tests ensure fairness to prevent edge to any player. You rather have to wait and see where lady luck drives you to on roulette wheels today.

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