Slot games come with a variety of interesting features and themes. These features are normally needed to keep players engaged, interested and eager to keep playing for long hours. One such feature is called rolling reels. These are also called falling reels and cascading reels. How does this work? Let’s read until the end to know all the details.

Rolling Reels: The Pros And Cons

What is the meant by Rolling Reels?

The principle behind rolling reels is pretty simple. Essentially, icons that form a part of the winning combinations vanish, as more icons fall from above. These new icons can also easily form more wins and the process continues.

Quite often, these reels enable multiple wins per spin, as well as multipliers of increasing value as more and more successive wins, are formed. This feature can be quite bewitching, and can see players get oh-so-lucky in moments, as win after win appears with a vengeance!

But is this feature actually all that it is cracked up to be? Time to go finds out.

Rolling Reels And Their Advantages

One of the benefits of this feature is that they let players extend the duration of a gaming round beyond what is normal. As players all over the globe are aware, a slots spin ends within a single round. However, this feature lets players on a winning streak extend this by minutes or even hours while getting payout after payout.

Yet another benefit has to do with the aforementioned multipliers. These are usually successively boosted on each consecutive spin and can add up to staggering amounts once the feature finally ends.

Drawbacks of this feature

There are of course two sides to every coin and this feature is not excepted. While some players are under the impression that rolling reels essentially offer them free wins, this is not actually true. Rather, the extra payouts found are actually factored into the payout percentage of the online slot concerned. Thus, the fact that big wins are possible during the rolling reels bonus feature essentially means that less will be paid out in other featured bonuses and during the main gameplay.

This leads to enhanced volatility and ensures that wins per spin are few and far between.

Are Slots With this feature For Everyone?

Slots with this feature can be quite easy on the eyes, with the animation effects as icons vanish and others replace them being about as striking as watching lightning strike! If such slots appeal to the tastes of players, then, of course, they should play all such slots they can get their hands on.

However, it bears remembering that rolling reels are not the ultimate. Thus, while they have sizable advantages they have equally sizable disadvantages. Players should thus decide if such slots are what they are looking for and play accordingly.

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