Poker Hands Slangs To Have An Upper Hand

If you ask a regular poker player about playing poker, he will sit for hours to tell you the game, the adrenaline rush and also about the tales he has. It is amusing to see how engrossed the player is with a poker game. This is because the more you know about poker, the poker engaging it becomes.

Poker Hands Slangs To Have An Upper Hand
The players slowly start talking in poker hand slangs. If you are at a poker table, there are several poker hand slangs that you should know. Here they are:

The basic slang:

  • These are the basic terms used to denote the cards in hand. Some are hilarious while some are very thoughtful:
  • One of the rare and winning combinations of cards, A pair of aces is often referred to by different name: Pocket rockets, bullets, nuts or American Airlines.
  • At a poker table if you hear someone say it’s Valentine’s day or say its a royal marriage, do not get confused. The players are referring to a pair of a King and a queen.
  • Combination of a King and a Queen of hearts is called as a ‘Valentine’s day’ while a king and a queen of any other suit is called a royal marriage. If the combination of king and queen is across suits, it is called a mixed marriage.
  • A hand having all fives is called a nickel. Nickel is the reference given to the 5 cent coin which was called a nickel.
  • Another very interesting reference made to the hands is for the 9-5 combination. It is called as a Full-time job because, obviously. Another slang for a 9-5 is Dolly Parton referring to the 9-5 song that she sang.

Poker hand Slangs from classic tales:

  • Some poker tales have been s famous that they have become everyday references now. There are certain hands in poker that are referred to these tales.
  • The hand of A-8 is called a Dead man’s hand. This reference is to the story of a man been killed on a poker table by shooting him. The man who dies was holding A-8 of cards.
  • A person called Doyle Brunson won two world series of poker with the combination of 10 and a 2. Ever since this hand has been called as a Doyle Brunson.
  • A queen and Jack’s hand is called as a Maverick. It is derived from the TV show Maverick’s theme song which had lyrics as “ “livin’ on jacks and queens”. It is a slang used commonly, but since the show aired a long time ago, not many poker players know the reference of this slang.

Virtual slang:

  • An 8-8 hand is called a snowman, or an octopussy or infinities. It is a clear reference to how the number 8 looks and is a visual derivation.  
  • Another visually derived slang is ‘Sailboats’. As you would have guessed, it is a slang for a pair of fours. Taking further, a rather modern slang for a pair of fours is ‘Luke Skywalker after tweaking his globally famous dialogue “May the ‘fours’ with you”. This further goes on, a four of spades or clubs is called as a Darth Vander owing to the dialogue  “the dark side of the fours”.
  • Two jacks are called hooks. Because of the shape of the letter.

Other slangs:

  • Some other slangs that are just funny and will crack you up right away. A hand with A-K is called as an AK-47. It is also called Anna Kournikova because of the initials match and also because it looks good but does not win. *Slow claps*.
  • A-J hand is called as a flat tire. Because “That is what a jack is used for”.
  • A 6-9 attracted many jokes however, the most common ones are ‘Big Lick’ or “Dinner for two’.
  • A Q-Q combination is called as Siegfried and Roy and a Q-3 is called as a San Francisco Busboy or Gay Waiter.

Poker hand slangs make poker a very fun game and not just about betting and gambling. So now boost your knowledge of poker hand slangs to your friends whenever you are playing the game.

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