What Is A Pocket Card?

In a casino be it the wheel of fortune or blackjack be it poker or roulette there are certain moves that every game consists. And here we are going to talk about poker specifically, where the term pocket cards are frequently used.  This term is used on every table present in a casino where poker is played. But what exactly does this term pocket cards mean?

What Is A Pocket Card?

  • Does this mean the cards in the pocket?

Well no, pocket cards are used to describe the cards that are been drawn or handed out by players in poker. Drawing a card or hands in a card game usually refers to the shuffling of cards or sometimes it means grabbing a card in the game when needed. And these cards which are drawn or used as hands are entitled as pocket cards.  Pocket cards are also called as hole cards or down cards. Pocket cards are not just a term in poker but it is one of the most important segments of poker and they are different to community cards and while handing out these cards are noticeable by all players in the game.

  • Keep Your Hole Cards Hidden

Since pocket cards are the most part of the poker game there is this line about the pocket cards liable to all players which says that “Keep Your Hole Cards Hidden”. It is obviously important that your opponent should not see the pocket cards because in case they get a look of your pocket cards, the opponent plans a perfect move against you which will make you lose the game. And this does not mean that every opponent in the game will look every time at your pocket cards. It happens once in a while but it takes one other player seeing what you are holding and voila you lose all the money on your table. So keeping your pocket cards smuggled is very important in poker. You are only supposed to reveal your pocket cards when in need of the move. And an interesting fact of this secrecy not being a concern is in the video poker in an online casino or live casinos is beecause there your opponents cannot peep through the screens at all, so it is all safe. No one can guess your move or pocket cards in video poker.

  • What are the best pocket cards to be drawn?

When you draw a card or get a hand having a pair of pocket cards can probably make your game stronger. And by pair of pocket card, it means cards with the same rank. You might not believe but this pair of pocket cards might be the most dominant part of the play, which will make you win the game against your opponent. And if you grab to aces as your pocket cards that’s when pocket rockets term comes in existence.

 While you are in a casino remember while playing poker is war, and the other players out there is the enemy you ought to chase. They will definitely want to take your money, and some of them will take ethical moves to do so. And hence being aware of these terms used and spoken often on the table of poker is very important. Because if you miss any of these moves by your opponent or you sit on the poker table without knowing this you might land up with losing your money on the table because your opponent will definitely try and use this as a move in your offence.

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