Paroli - Progressive Betting System

Just when you think that gambling is a high-risk game, where everything that you invest is at stake. To pacify this risk and to minimise the risk, the Paroli betting system was introduced.

Paroli is a term derived from the Latin word ‘par’ which means ‘equal’. In the 16th century, Paroli is introduced as an effective betting system when it was applied to the card game Basset. Moreover, Basset was considered as one of the most polite gambling card game intended for persons of the highest rank because of the great losses or gains that might be accrued by players.

Furthermore, in the entire history of Paroli, it has since been employed for many even odds bets although it is most commonly used when playing baccarat and roulette. Paroli holds a unique stand as it is designed in the exact opposite of the high-risk Martingale strategy. It holds a presence of risk-free betting and also has maximum-chances of winning the betting.

Paroli - Progressive Betting System


Paroli Strategy: A game point to be a billionaire

Paroli is believed to be one of the most followed and a leading progressive betting system in which the player upscales the stakes by a standard amount after each win until they reach three consecutive wins. Paroli is specifically known as a perceived advantage of using an effective Paroli strategy to stay far away from the risk shadows gaining a big loss and generating small wins in a steady manner. The strategy isn’t so complicated but the attention needed from the player is a must thing. Moreover, the Paroli strategy is accustomed based on the idea of winning or losing streaks so that a player can witness the most of a winning streak.

Error-Free Executions of Paroli Betting Strategy

To execute a Paroli strategy, a player should own a fixed base stake. As this is the only strategy which has no risk and can be played minus to any stress and a big loss. The stake would ideally be less than 5% of what one is willing to lose. If one player is trying hands on roulette, the player would wager one chip on black. If black wins, the player would no longer continue and leave their original chip in addition to the chip they just won and place another bet. This is called as the first progression.

If the players bet on the same again consider it to be black and black wins, they would bet all 4 chips on the next round, which could be the second progression. However, this would repeatedly continue until the player had conquered as many promised progressions in advance. It is important to have a fixed number of progressions before starting when using the Paroli system. Increasing the count of progressions may increase the risk.

In the same example, the players bet their 4 chips on black but the appearance was won by red, then the loss to the player would only be 1 chip as the additional 3 were all provided by the house. The subsequent bet from the player would once again be 1 chip. Using this system of ‘flat betting’, the potential earnings outweigh the small individual losses.

Fluke of Paroli

Paroli holds a twisty theory, which is simple in that by maximising the winning streaks, the profits should outweigh the losses. Conversely, a sequence of losing streaks will always result in a loss. It is a great approach to enter betting and to maximise the profits and increase chances of winning.

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