What Does the term Optimal Play Imply?

Optimal play is a popular gambling term which usually appears in slot games and aims at describing the play strategy used in a game comprising of a low house edge. It also elucidates the payback amount which is achieved by the players when optimal conditions are applied to gaming.

What is Optimal Play?

The term ‘optimal play’, essentially means achieving the best possible outcome through the best possible conditions. It also refers to a successful strategy being applied, to a situation where the house edge is relatively low, and also to the payback percentage achieved by the player under these ‘optimal’ conditions. This very term appears in all gambling games, including poker, blackjack, roulette and online slots.

What Does the term Optimal Play Imply?

In online slots, the players who use a wagering strategy to maximise their payout are said to adopt ‘optimal play’, particularly when they choose to engage in the games where the advantage to the casino is extremely low. Slot games typically have a high house edge, because they offer a chance for high wins off small bets. Players are likely to lose over the long term play, although they could pick up some sizable wins in a short span of time. Well, using an optimal play strategy can certainly help the players in reducing that house edge and also spot when a win is likely to occur. For instance, a player who tracks progressive jackpot wins and plays the game when the prize reaches the average implies that he is using the optimal play tactics. Similarly, a player who spots a low house edge might adopt higher bet sizes to capitalise on potential gains. However, there is no defined way to use an optimal play technique. Optimal play can be used in any form of advantage play with a view in optimising the chances of winning in a casino game.


Thus, the optimal play focuses on achieving the best results for the players in a casino. It mainly appears in slot games comprising of a low house edge compared with a high payout.


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