RTP is one of the few important factors that people look for while finding the perfect casino game such as online slots. The full form of RTP is Return to Player and it is generally calculated in percentage. In other words, it is a value associated with a games payout percentage. Players hear about the word RTP several times in game reviews. If you are new to the gaming world and want to know what it is all about, here is all that is to know about online slots RTP, how it is calculated and what role does it play in defining a casino game.

What is Online Slots RTP and How Does it Work?

Online Slots RTP In A Nutshell

In easier words, an RTP is the amount of money that the player will receive when they bet on online casino games. Since the RTP is based on the average bets a player makes over a course of time, it is expressed in percentage. So, if the RTP is higher, the player has a higher chance of winning in the long run. Although RTP is an important factor in knowing how much a casino game can pay, it is still a theoretically calculated number. It is not always true and there are many times that people make random winnings on the slot games as well as other games. RTP is just an average figure that is calculated for any casino game.

In some cases, the RTP can also be called the opposite of House Edge. For example, if you know the house edge of any casino game, you can easily calculate the RTP by subtracting the house edge from 100. So, if the house edge of some online slots is 5%, its RTP will be 95%. However, this is again a theoretical calculation and is necessarily not always accurate.

How to Relate RTP and Win Frequency?

To answer this question, you cannot find a correlation between the frequency of wins and the RTP. People always assume that an RTP can predict the number of times they can make a win in the online slots or other casino games. This is not at all true. If two online slots have a frequency of 96% and one can give you a win every 10 spins on an average. There is a possibility that the other one can give you a win in every four spins.

Do not trust the RTP blindly

Although RTP is an important factor in knowing what a player can expect from the online slot game, table games as well as other casino games. However, it is just a theoretical figure and should not be taken very seriously. Unless you are an expert and know all about the internal programming of slots, there is a thin chance that you will be able to understand the RTP completely.

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