Guide to Online Slot Volatility

Online slot volatility refers to the risk involved in playing the game. Now, this means that slots with low risk may give you frequent wins but have a small jackpot. On the contrary, highly volatile slots where you are meant to stake more money come with rare wins but have big jackpot amounts which can payout heavily at one time.

The slot type that you choose to play could depend on your bankroll, i.e. if you have a bigger budget you can always bet on slots with higher variance. There are the medium volatility online slots which pose a medium risk. Here, you may enjoy a fair share of both with frequent payouts and chances of winning big. The size of your wins can vary enormously on medium variance slots though you’ll have the jackpot brimming with a maximum win. This category of slots often proves to a little more exciting than those with lower volatility.

Guide to Online Slot Volatility

Online Slot RTP and Volatility: The Correlation

RTP means ‘Return to Player’ which is expressed in the form of a percentage. Most popular slots offer a range of 93-98% return. The variance of a specific slot decides how much it may differ from the theoretical RTP in one session. Highly volatile slot games come with lower RTP as they are more lucrative and you may not exactly win a lot. On the contrary, the low-risk slots come with relatively higher RTP ranging from 97% to 98.5%.

Calculating Online Slot Volatility

Yes, you can assess a slot’s variance and what better way than playing it. But, you may have the time or wish to stake real money to cull out the pattern, so there are the game reviews that can give you an idea of the slot variance.

Overall, if you closely monitor what you reap from around 200 spins, keeping a track of how frequently it pays and how much, you might be able to understand how it works. If you have to wait longer for wins, your chosen slot is likely to be one with a medium or high volatility. If you manage small yet faster wins; it could be a low variance slot. Slots with high jackpots indicate highly volatile slots.

How to Strategize Based On Slots Variance?

Even in online slots with low volatility, if things don’t go as expected, it’s best to check the RTP because the more you play the higher the theoretical chance of losing through the loss amount may appear small. Preferably, stick to a budget even when opting for slots with medium volatility. With highly volatile slots, you might need to be more patient as these slots often eat into your bankroll quickly and give no rewards. However, on an average, between 100 to 300 spins you do get to receive payouts, especially with smaller bets. With bigger ones it could become difficult, so choose carefully on whether you wish to bet higher or spin more.

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