Online Pokies Terminology

If you are familiar with the online pokies games it’s likely that you would have come across some of the widely used terms in the pokies gaming arena. Knowing a few common ones might help you to get an enhanced grip of the game.

Here are some of the online pokies terminologies and definitions for your understanding.

Online Pokies Terminology
Winning Combinations:
Have you heard of the 243 ways or the 1024 ways? These refer to the number of possible winning opportunities a player has within a single game of pokies. Often it is also referred to as the “All Ways”

Return to Player (RTP):
This is a theoretical payout percentage which is statistically represented. It indicates the proportion of bets on a machine that is returned to the pokie players as winnings.

Wagering requirements: This is vital to most pokie games and casino promos. This refers to the minimum amount of money that a player must stake at a gambling site before being able to withdraw any prize money earned from bonuses.

Pay-table: Refers to a host of game features displayed on the screen. These include the winning combinations, bonuses, payouts, wilds and other in-game features.

Autoplay: Most pokie machines feature the auto play mode which allows players to sit back and enjoy the game as the computer plays the designated rounds on their behalf.

Online Pokies Bankroll: Refers to the budget that a player sets aside for gambling at a casino for a specific period of time. Some popular online casinos offer free pokies games for a trial that can be played for free without having to worry about a bankroll.

Bonuses: Common feature on pokie games and these can be triggered upon arriving at a specific number of symbols as required on your chosen game. Bonuses can reward players with cash prizes, play credits or free spins.

Gamble feature: An added bonus feature that comes with several online pokies games. This feature allows players to risk their winnings for more opportunities to either double the prize money or stake it all together.

Online pokies hit: The word ‘hit’ in pokies games refers to a single win achieved on a gambling machine. The win size can be anything here. The hit frequency refers to the rate at which you can hit winning spins as compared to losing spins on a particular pokies machine.
Max bet and the Min bet: Denote the largest and the smallest possible amount of real money wagered on a single spin respectively. When playing free pokies games you can use the play coins to set the limits.

Multipliers: This on pokies games are represented by a certain symbol which multiplies the winning credit with a specific amount upon landing a certain winning combination of symbols.

Progressive jackpots: This have the potential to reap enormous rewards to players. The amount of a progressive jackpot increases with the players’ bets. Once you crack the jackpot the amount will reset itself to a fixed minimum and start growing from there as new bets are placed again.

Fair gaming on online pokies

Latest Pokie machines come with a Random Number Generator which helps in selecting random numbers to determine the position of the reels during the game. This device is in-built on poker machines and ensures fair play.

There are more terms and definitions that you may discover while exploring the world of online pokies games. Keep playing to enjoy the reels!

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