Online Casino Myths Busted

Online gambling has long been the new hot thing in town, with the number of players having fun in an online casino yearly increasing. Online gambling has been around for a surprising two decades, but that has not prevented the spread of various myths, half-truths and outright falsehood that end up discouraging people from embracing the medium.

In order to clear the air, here are a few of the more common online gambling myths and the reasons they are pure bunkum. Read them and you might want to weep!

Online Casino Myths Busted

Online Casinos Don’t Pay Wins

This myth is easily one of the most widespread around and a major reason why some traditional casinos do not have an online gambling presence. While scam online casino sites do exist and focus on cheating players out of their wins and funds invested, the vast majority are however strictly regulated and licensed.

The myth of online casinos not paying wins mostly arises when players register in a scam website that speedily cheats them and makes off with their wins. To prevent this, players must do their due diligence before registering in an online casino. This includes making sure that such an online casino is actually registered with the licensing authority.

You can also check the reviews written about it by customers and independent journalists/analysts.

Online Gambling Is Addictive

Some people really believe that gambling in an online casino rather than a traditional one is about as addictive as sniffing a tub of crack! In actual fact, most online casinos do all they can to promote safe gambling opportunities for their clientele. Thus, assuming that online casinos encourage addictive behaviours in order to take advantage of their clients is patently false.

Online Gambling Is Illegal

The fact that millions around the globe daily gamble in various online casinos is proof enough that online gambling is not illegal. Indeed, while online gambling might be restricted in some states and countries, in most others it is totally permitted. Still, depending on where you live it might be prudent to first contact regulating agencies to ensure that online gambling is fully permitted within your locality.

Games Are Rigged

Rather than a human operator, online casino games utilize a software known as a Random Number Generator to deal cards and determine wins as the case may be. Since no human operator can be seen and felt, some players might, therefore, feel that gameplay is all a sham and that the results are rigged in favour of the house. However, even if you play in a traditional casino its slot machines also utilize RNG’s to determine wins.

RNG’s offer a totally random experience, cannot be normally interfered with by anyone and is a safe, credible, tried and trusted means of determining playing outcomes. To make sure that your online gambling sessions are not in fact rigged, all that’s needed is to ensure that you are playing at a reputable online casino.

Online Gambling Encourages Terrorism

Whoever first voiced out this myth deserves an award for imagination and another for stupidity! Such a myth is among the more extreme you can find and is a total invention with no single basis in fact. Such myths are based on the lurid idea that online casinos are actually a front for laundering money by all manner of terrorist organizations. In actual fact, online casinos are owned and managed by publicly traded and reputable corporations that are run in a very transparent manner. Needless to say, no case of an online casino being used for money laundering has ever been proven.

The online gambling scene is a riveting one, made even more accessible by online casinos that enable anyone to play anytime and anywhere. While there are a few myths and misconceptions about them, these are totally unfounded. Thus, do feel free to access the immensely thrilling fun and entertainment that’s heavily present in the online casino world.

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