What is Implied Count and its Chances

There are several strategies and tricks suggested by veteran blackjack players which could be employed to stay ahead of the dealer and other players. The implied count mechanism is one such method which you could apply when playing your next game of online blackjack.

Understanding “Implied Count”

Casino players eyeing a strategy to enhance their winning opportunities could try applying the implied count trick. This refers to a count that a player will calculate by estimating the cards that the dealer is likely to draw based on the other cards already dealt out to the opponent players at the blackjack table. There could be several ways of making this count; the simplest being the card counting technique. In this, you will be required to watch each card carefully when dealt out by the dealer and assign a number to every card. By keeping a count of the dealt cards you can form a count to anticipate the following card to be dealt, i.e. whether it would be a low or high-value card.

What is Implied Count and its Chances

How it works in Online Blackjack games

For instance, you sit to play at a chosen online blackjack table or participate in a live blackjack table at your favourite gambling site. The first thing you do is observe in the first hand is to observe the dealer’s cards. If the dealer happens to have a high card such as a King and the other players also have cards like Queens, Jacks and Aces while you have a hand of 16, then your assumption from the implied count you could expect the dealer to draw a low card.

This means that if you see higher value cards already out on the table, it is less likely that the next card drawn by the dealer would be a high one. Based on your count, you could then choose to not take a card. Instead, you may consider it safer for the dealer to draw the low cards and see him go bust.

It may not be as easy a strategy for new online blackjack players as casinos often use the card dealing machines where blackjack is played with many decks, thus making the implied count strategy practically difficult.

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