How Does Palmers Do Palming?

Casinos have various types of people playing in it, some prefer to use strategies to win the games and some prefer to cheat and be the rogue. There is a huge difference between using strategies and cheating in the casinos. The strategies have all brains behind them where the player tries to predict the outcomes ahead of the result or places his bet in a way that he has the maximum chances to win. On the other hand, cheating is faking to get the desired outcome. Cheating is unethical and can be done in many ways.

How Does Palmers Do Palming?

In casinos, the dealers and the fellow players have to be careful and know if they are being cheated. Palming is one of the ways of cheating carried out in casinos. It is also referred to as ‘hand mucking’ or simply ‘to palm a card’. This trick of palming is typically used to cheat in games such as poker and blackjack. It is not officially illegal.

What is palming?

The card palming done in casinos and the magic tricks that magicians do is quite similar. The players do it in casinos to take undue advantage, while a magician does it to entertain the audience. Palming is a method of hiding cards and then reproduce them at the well-timed moment, thus giving the player an advantage over both the house and the other players.  When a player cheats and does palming the cheater simply places a card in the palm of their hand in order to conceal the card.

The cards which are of regular size fit in a normal person’s hand but people with large hands are better at fitting these cards. In palming the fingers keep the top end of the card in place, while the cup of the palm holds the other end of the card in place. In this way, the cards remain excellently hidden. That is why players having a big hand succeed at palming more than the ones with smaller hands. This allows the rest of the player’s fingers to appear natural.

One might wonder for how long do these players hold the card in their palm without anyone realising it. Well, the players do not hold the cards for a very long time. In palming the card is kept in the palm only until the player needs to conceal and move the card to the desired location. The locations include pants, pockets, beneath themselves, on the floor, up a sleeve, etc. The player who indulges into palming can then bring the card back in the game when the card he has hidden would work in his favour. The card is brought back by the player into the game and in action again by palming. These cards can be revealed at a convenient time in the game, which will allow the player to have an advantage over other players.

Where is palming usually seen?

Palming is usually seen in players who use it in conjunction with the dealing extra cards trick. The players may deal themselves 3 cards in a 2 card game and cover up the card that they do not want for that hand, either saving a good card for later or ditching a bad card until they can reinsert it into the deck.

When it is about gambling in the casinos the atmosphere and greed of money seem to encourage people to cheat, steal or scam their way into a jackpot, instead of trying to win by random chance. That’s why casinos spend a large amount of time, effort and money on security.

If a player is caught in a casino doing palming and hiding the cards then some serious measures are taken by the authority of the casino, the players are not directly removed or banned from the casino because palming is not officially illegal. The card palming is usually observed in unofficial venues such as in the case of private poker game palming is done where there is little in the way of security that could catch a player cheating. In the high-security places palming is less likely to happen because of the high-end security in the casino be it by the cameras or the authorities.

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