Bingo is a traditional game of probability. In this game, every player is given a card with numbers on it. When the caller announces the number the player is supposed to strike off the number from his card. And the one who is able to strike off all the numbers on the card first is the winner. The game of bingo is traditionally very simple and played with minimal objects. It can be played on a paper using a pen, but the professional Bingo is better played with professional things. A flashboard is one of the important objects in the game of bingo.

Flashboard is used to display all the numbers in the game. It also has other game related information on it. This information that is displayed on the flashboard is significant only to the game which is currently played.


Another game that uses a flashboard is the horse racing game. Horse racing bingo is a popular variant of Bingo. It is another level game of bingo where the card is marked with particular results from the horse racing. These are available on some race tracks. The horse racing bingo is the fast-paced bingo. This game is played in fraternal organizations. While you play this game there are 15 players assigned with a random number between 1 and 15. These numbers are randomly drawn by the caller and the first 15 players who have all five numbers in their column are referred to as the winner.

A flashboard is vital in the game of bingo and horse racing bingos, both. There are various types of flashboards available. The most common type of flashboard is the board with only numbers. These flashboards display the number that are called out in bingo. The numbers become highlighted in a different colour when they have been called or drawn. These flashboards are used in regular bingo games in bingo halls or land-based casinos around the world.

There are all numbers shown from 1-90 on these boards. For the convenience of the player, the number which has been called recently is displayed larger in size than the numbers called out previously. This is done so that the player will not miss any number and also avoids any ambiguity in hearing when the number is called out. The numbers displayed on the flashboard is basically just for the player to remain updated with the game and to remind them of the numbers which have already been called.

The other flashboards that exist in the game of bingo and horse racing bingo are game indicator flashboard and the dollar value flashboard.

  • The game indicator flashboard is for displaying the game which is played currently to everyone in the hall. For example, whether players are seeking to match corners, lines, or a full-house in bingo games.
  • The dollar flashboard gives information about the prizes that players could possibly win after calling out BINGO in the first place.

While playing Bingo, the type of flashboard to be used can be decided on the basis of the game that is to be played. The different flashboards are used according to the game, it may differ from player to player, whether you want to display numbers, dollars or the game. The flashboards can also be fancy or simple. It again depends on the budget of the game organizers, the purpose of the game and the level at which the game is being played.

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