What is Fair and Square Bingo and How is it different

Bingo is a very commonly played game and there are many variations to it. There are different ways the game is played and there are different payout structures to the same variant of the game also. The fair and square Bingo is is a fun variant. Compared to the other variants that have complicated rules, difficult payout schemes and difficult to understand strategies, the Fair and Square bingo is a variant having simple rules and is played in line with the traditional bingo.

What is Fair and Square Bingo and How is it different

The Fair and Square Bingo

Fair and square bingo is played in the similar manner that the traditional bingo is played and hence it is very easy to understand and to play. Even for the new players, the game is easy to adapt to and they can play the bingo easily after understanding the few differences between the traditional bingo and the fair and square bingo. As the name suggest, the bingo is also fair and eliminates the bias that there might be in the traditional bingo. In traditional business, some players buy bingo tickets more than anyone else in order to increase the chances of winning the game. This gave some players an undue advantage in the same game and increased their chances of winning.

Key differences between the fair and square bingo and the traditional Bingo:

Fair and square Bingo has all the players having the same chances of winning. This is ensured by restricting the players to the number of cards they can buy in one game. All the players have to enter the game with the same number of bingo cards. Even though, some players may be willing to buy more bingo cards as they have a heavy budget, the restriction on the number of cards each player can hold is constant and thus every player in the game has the same probability to win.
The number of tickets every player can buy can change in every game, but the restriction remains. The idea is to prevent the pesky high rollers to increase their chances of winning by buying more cards.
Typically, the games allow players to buy 4,10 or 12 tickets. There is no rule to the maximum tickets that every player should have, just that there has to be restriction. Some games may have a lower limit and some can have a higher limit.

Playing Fair and Square Bingo:

The fair can square bingo is played at different places including online as well as the land based casinos. It is unfortunate that there are not many casinos that pitch the play of fair and square bingo. If you want to play fair and square bingo, you need to find the online websites that play it. There are certain time slots when fair and square bingo is played and if you wish to play the fair and square bingo, you can find out those time slots and those websites and play.

Bingo is a very fun game and you can have great fun playing it. If it is fair and square version of bingo, there are equal chances that each player gets and thus it is fair to all the players. So buy the tickets and enjoy the game without worrying about some other player having the advantage to win because of having high ticket buying capacity.

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