What Is A Dead Card?

Card games are the basis of Casino games. A deck of 52 cards consists of 4 suits and 13 cards in each suit. Every card game has different rules and a different combination of cards that becomes the winning combination. Even a single card can make or break the game for the players. Apart from the 52 cards, there is a joker in every deck which in some games is termed as void while in some other games is used as a wild card.

 What Is A Dead Card?
Apart from these cards, there exist dead cards. Just like its name, these cards means the dead ones. But why are they dead? These cards cannot be legally dealt because of some rules or this card might not be in the game till now. It could also represent some card that the opponents holds is his hand and then that card is dead to his or her opponents. Apart from when a card is accidentally unfolded or even fouled that card is considered as a dead card. That is when the player should not let that come on the game table in any means. This card is irrelevant for any kind of play in the casino once it is dead.

Reasons for a card to be declared dead 

If the card has deemed to be or have committed any of the following it is ‘Dead’:

  • When it is fallen on the floor.
  • When it is interfered with by a player or some casino member or dealer.
  • When it is found to be marked.
  • When the card is held by an opponent and thus is unattainable by anyone else in the game.
  • When the card is touching the muck.
  • When the cards have already been folded by an opponent.

When a player draws the dead card it is said as the dead draw. A dead draw is nothing but pulling out the card which is dead or irrelevant for the play. If a player draws the basic land cards little later than the usual, then that is a dead draw, because that does not have any effect on their own and the play, so it is quite irrelevant to pick the card on that verge of game. Apart from this, another situation that makes the card dead is when the card is incapable to opponent’s advances the card is declared to be dead such a drawing doom blade against an opponent who plays a mono-black deck, or who plays no creatures.

What should a player do when he gets a dead card in the game?

Every player while playing poker relates the game with huge cards like aces and multiple hands. When the players get dead cards all they do is start whining about the specific dead cards. But complaining about the dead cards is a real wrong way. That is surely not going to help you out. There are tonnes of situations while you are sitting down at the table like you have a player who is really aggressive with the situation and tends to raise every other hand, so this is the kind of situation you can maximize on. These are the things that you can focus on when you have dead cards and cannot raise a hand. Concentrating on the same will surely give you something very useful while you go back from the game.


Dead cards in the game if used for the advantage, can be helpful and result in registering a win.

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