Who Is Called As A Chip Runner and Why?

Be it the casinos, card rooms or gambling places there is an employee of a card room whose job is to sell chips to players while the players are seated at the poker tables. This employee is called as the chip runner. The chip runner provides chips with which the players bet on the games. This chip runner is employed to provide convenience by giving them the ease of not having to go to the counter to collect the chips every time. Every card room or casino does not have a chip runner only the larger and well-established casinos employ a chip runner.

 Who Is Called As A Chip Runner and Why?

What does a chip runner do?

The players when running low on coins (or chips), do not wish to leave their gaming tables. This is where the chip runner comes into the picture. The chip runner sells the chips to the players who are betting on their seat. These chip runners work on the casino floors in order to be quick with providing the chips.

The chip runners are only supposed to give the chips to the players they are not supposed to collect the chips or buy the chips from the players. If the player wishes to cash-out then he should go to the counter in order to do that he cannot ask the chip runner to do that for him. They can only assist players who wish to cash out by allowing them to colour up taking their small-denomination chips and exchanging them for larger denominations. That is all that the chip runner can do. The role of the chip runner does not limit to providing chips, in fact, he is a handy person in the casino who is also responsible for the cleanliness of the casino floor.

Usually, Chip runners often stack the chips that are purchased in front of the player. The chip runner also assists in colouring up. They help the player to place their chips in the racks. The primary measure of good service from a chip runner, however, is prompt service. Generally, when a player needs to buy chips or needs to cash out, they want to do so as quickly as possible and the chip runner helps them in doing that. The players can call “chips” in order to call the chip runner, or they can simply ask the dealer on the table to do that for them. Smaller card rooms don’t have chip runners because they are small in size and hence the players can go and buy the chips themselves, the term chip runner just exists in the large card rooms. In other small rooms, the floor-man or brush may act as a chip runner.

Why is he named as chip runner?

They are called “runners” because they are frequently in a hurry to satisfy a player who calls for “Chips!”. If a player is in need of chips it is often because the game is attempting to proceed around a player and they are having to “owe some chips to the pot”, which can get confusing for both the player and the dealer. This situation needs to be called for chip runner so that the player can have his chip on his own table.

Having a chip runner assures that no players leave the table because of lack of coins and thus the casino profits. The chip runner can often save the player a significant amount of time, which the bettor can then reinvest in gambling and, ultimately, winning. So having a chip runner is a win-win situation for both, the player as well as for the Casino.

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