What is Online Casino Game Variance

The gambling world is full of obscure words and terms that no one except a familiar or a linguist would be able to comprehend. Such words or phrases are often difficult to pronounce and understanding them is often the key to improving the gameplay experience and potentially sending winning chances rocketing up like a spaceship in its full glory.

One such term that’s often heard around town, quoted in any online casino worth the name and continually repeated everywhere else is variance. It sounds too technical but actually has an easy explanation.

In the world of gambling, the variance is taken to refer to the constant fluctuations in players luck due to which they derive different levels of payouts from the game. Thus, they can go on a winning streak one minute and then lose everything they just gained at near the speed of light the very next minute. Variance is usually used when referring to the online casino game of Poker and the astute player is one who recognizes the role variance can play and takes it into account when formulating winning strategies.

What is Online Casino Game Variance

All About Variance

Simply, variance refers to the fact that because cards appear in different orders in any card hand at an online casino, gamblers can easily lose a hand. With such occurrences happening regardless of the fact that the odds absolutely favour them.

Variance is a totally random in execution. Thus, in poker, for instance, players might get hand after hand that’s excellent. Only for the reverse to occur minutes or even hours later.

To cope with the deleterious effects of variance, poker players in any online casino compensate by possessing bankrolls that are nearly big enough to buy a jumbo jet. Thus, players playing ₤1,000 hands of poker at a table often have a bankroll of about ₤20,0000. That way, when the adverse effects of variance begin to be felt, though players are playing quite well in an online casino but are being cursed with a losing streak, their bankroll cannot get totally demolished.

As an example, a player might sit down to a hand of poker and play like a champ. All their chips might be located in the middle and comprise a flush, with the opponent merely having three of a kind, with one card being due. Due to variance, the last card might result in the opponent gaining four of a kind.

If such a scenario occurs, players would be well advised to stick to their original style of gameplay. Otherwise, the variance in play will have even more adverse effects on them and they can expect to lose loads and loads of good money.

Variance affects all humans throughout life, with people either getting really lucky for no apparent reason or losing life and limb due to no fault of their own. In poker, players have some control over how the variance affects them and can even use it to their benefit. When not handled right, variance invariably has severe and definitely unpleasant consequences that can spoil the gameplay experience.

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