False Shuffle In Card Games

The false shuffle refers to a cheating technique that has an old history. It requires really fast hands and lots of practice to perfect it.

It is employed during card games by the person handling the deck, usually the dealer. This cheater holds the deck of cards and appears to shuffle it several times. In actuality, though the cards do not actually mix together and sleight of hand is used to make other players believe that the cards have been shuffled and gameplay consequently randomized.

Usually, false shuffles are used in card games as a means of protecting a deck of cards that have been stacked to favour one player or the other. As well, dealers make use of it in order to conceal the manner they set the deck.

False Shuffle In Card Games

False Shuffle- A Detailed Explanation

In card games like online blackjack, a dealer employing a false shuffle is cheating by arranging the way the cards will fall. A false shuffle refers to a supposed shuffle in which the cards do not actually mix together, though they convincingly appear to. To make this possible, the dealer or the person doing the shuffling employs some quick hand movements that make it appear that the cards are getting shuffled, whereas at least some, most or all of the cards are still preserved in their first order.

Stacked Decks And Their Significance

A stacked deck refers to a deck of cards that has been cleverly programmed to give the right set of cards at a specific time and to a certain player. This is most often encountered during private games when players who are performing the role of the dealer arrange cards in an order previously determined to favour them.

In casinos, getting a stacked deck usually requires the intervention of a crooked staff. Since the decks are stacked to favour a particular player above others, shuffling it rearranges the carefully chosen cards to new and totally unpredictable locations. This is why the card dealer chooses a false shuffle to make it look like the cards are being mixed and then deals them to the cheating player, who will no doubt give him some proportion of his dishonest earnings.

As well, false shuffles can be employed to ensure that a given card stays either at the top or bottom of the heap. This way, the cards can be given to the correct person at the correct time. This is a false shuffle that is more easily done, as while a crooked dealer trying a false shuffle of the whole deck of cards can be easily spotted, it is much harder to spot this when a single card is being false shuffled.

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