Superstitions and Myths Surrounding Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most common games that players prefer to give a hand on. Be it the online or land-based casino this game is played everywhere. However, there are a few myths that players take into consideration. These blackjack myths are totally irrational but they are the beliefs that the players have for himself, and these beliefs of luck and myths cannot be completely denied because gambling is that world of games which revolves around the luck factor. Due to this luck there exist myths in the blackjack game. The blackjack myths are as follows:

Superstitions and Myths Surrounding Blackjack

  • Players Need 21 to Beat the Dealer

Scoring 21 might be of some help but it is not the condition that can make you beat the dealer. In fact, at times you can beat the dealer at much less score of hands that 21. So scoring 21 is just a blackjack myth that players follow.

  • Eventual winning

After you lose a heap of games the thought of eventually winning a game may occur in the mind of the player. But that does not happen. Just because you lost 10 games you are owing one win is not possible. And again this is just a blackjack myth that people have for themselves to cover up their loss. Blackjack is an even game, and you could, in theory, go 100 hands without a win. If you are completely blank about the game, it is not that difficult challenge to go 10 hands without being replied. Of course, if you are a skilled blackjack player, the chances are that you’ve got enough talent to make sure that this doesn’t happen and the blackjack myths remain just a myth.

  • Standing Up While Playing

In casinos, they offer you the seats in front of every slot machine for the reason that they want players to sit down and feel comfortable so that they can play for a long time. The uneven pay-outs make the belief that once the players get comfortable; the slot machines are less likely to pay.

  • Take Insurance When the Dealer Has an Ace Showing

None of the insurance bets is good; they are all surrounded by something irrelevant. There are 16 cards worth 10 points in a standard 52-card deck, which means that the dealer has a 31% chance of having a ten alongside their ace. There is a 69% chance that they won’t overcome; this probability is clearly the sign of loss that will just disappoint the player in all cases. So avoiding these blackjack myths will save the player from some disappointment.

  • Blackjack is a Game of Luck

There is a belief among the players that just like poker even blackjack is based on the luck factor. But this is just a myth because blackjack is a game of skill. Unlike the other card games, there is obviously a particular element of luck to it, specifically the luck of the draw. The move that you choose after the deal is completely your choice. There might be a probability of luck in the opening hand but if you are not familiar with the game, you may throw it away or go bust. On the other hand, a skilful blackjack player with a lousy hand still has the chance to turn a weak hand into a winning one, by forcing the dealer into making a move. While luck certainly plays a part, all the best blackjack players will tell you that there is more to blackjack than just chance and luck.

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