Betting And Playing Efficiency In Online Blackjack

The card counting systems found in online blackjack are too numerous for words. Players who are starting out might very well end up getting disoriented by all the varied systems available everywhere that seemingly promise the earth and the planets around!
In this article, the factors that make up every card counting system and its suitability or otherwise for online blackjack players are examined in some detail. Do read on and learn a bit or two!

Betting And Playing Efficiency In Online Blackjack

Efficiency In Online Blackjack

As far as most online blackjack experts are concerned, card counting systems can be rated based on two principal factors: BE and PE. The former stands for Betting Efficiency, while the latter refers to Playing Efficiency.

It, however, gets tricky from here on due to the fact that the better the betting efficiency of a system, the less the playing efficiency. This is not magic, but due to the singular role that the Ace card has to play in online Blackjack.

When making bets, there are few other cards that can rival an Ace, due to the fact that it can bestow a natural to players that pay out at 3:2. However, for playing purposes, Aces are not all that good. Thus, a player can have a starting hand of 14 and then hit an Ace, with this as expected not being the best news of the year!

If you are a player, you should first determine if what you seek is either a high playing efficiency or a high betting efficiency. If you are playing single-deck Blackjack, you would do well to choose a system that has an excellent PE. And as well ensure that the Ace gets counted as a neutral card during a side count.

If on the other hand, you are playing multi-deck Blackjack, a high BE would be most desirable. In that case, a card counting method that results in the Ace being counted as a rather good card would be most advisable.

Games with multi decks are best beaten using expansive bet spreads. This implies that the “high” of players are definitely higher than their “low” bets. This is the reason players need a system that has a high BE. On the other hand, systems with high PE results in smaller bets, and some wins as well.

When using single-deck games, the Hi/Low count makes good sense for newbies to the online blackjack scene as it’s so easy to learn, due to the fact that values are only present on a single level. When multi-deck games are employed, a better option would be the Hi-Opt 1. Incidentally, the Hi/Lo system comes with a BE of .97%, while the PE has .51%, which is quite reasonable by the way.

When using card counting systems that have high efficiency, it is always best to keep in mind that casinos will do their best to track you. Casinos all over are well acquainted with the latest card counting methods and should they suspect that you are a card counter, you will in all probability be ejected from the premises, though card counting is not in fact illegal.

To disguise the fact that you are in fact counting the cards, it would be wise to appear totally innocent, make rookie mistakes now and then, ask dumb questions and do your best to appear like a bumbling fool. That way, you can take the casino to the cleaners before they even realize what’s up!

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