Bingo Glossary - Terms Bingo Player Should Know

Remember being a kid and playing the game of BINGO in schools? The last pages of notebooks were usually filled with this game. The 25 were numbers arranged in a square and then calling out each number and striking each letter after crossing each column or row. But that particular game of bingo did not last till then. It is a professional game played on a big scale nowadays. And like the old school days, it is not a piece of paper and pen to play this game. There are assets, terms, rules and the procedure to play and win the game. So for you to not confuse the old school bingos with this, here are the terms that you should thoroughly know before playing this game.

Bingo Glossary - Terms Bingo Player Should Know

  • Bingo board:

The bingo board is usually a large electronic board with numbers displayed on the front side of the board. And in the online bingo boards, there are screens which display the numbers to be called out which are really huge.

  • Bingo card

There are different types of bingos available for the players.

  1. Land-based bingo
  2. Online bingo

If you consider land-based bingo there are different types of bingo cards available. In the series of 6000 to 9000 where none of the cards is repeated these bingo cards are printed in this way so that each card is recognised for easy authentication of winners. These are paper cards.

Whereas in online bingo there are digital bingo cards for the players. Now when you go for online bingo cards every card varies with the site that you choose. Some sites may offer you cards of your own choice, some might not give you a choice, sometimes some bingo sites might give you a bingo card which is general but if you don’t want that card they may consider giving you another card. So in online bingo games, it completely depends on the site whether you will get a customised card or not.

  • Bingo Hall

The place where bingo is played is called a bingo hall. These halls widely vary according to the country; like in UK, these halls are commercial companies whereas in the US they are run by local organizations like the churches, inherent American casinos and so on.

  • Admission

In order to play bingo, you cannot just buy and go and play bingo. There are a certain number of cards that you need to know and buy to be eligible to play bingo. And this criterion of minimum number of cards or even the maximum number of cards is what admission means in bingo.

  • Jackpot

A jackpot is a cash prize that is more than a usual prize. It is won by those who win the coverall, full house, or another difficult pattern with the limited number of calls that are generally given. There are some specific terms and condition that applied to win a jackpot and player needs to fulfil them in order to win the jackpot.

  • Bingo

The first rule of the game bingo is shouting the word bingo when any player finishes with the line first. If you finish the line and don’t yell bingo and someone else claims the win it is the other person who wins the game. And you will just forfeit the win that you had.

  • Bingo tickets

Bingo tickets widely vary according to the type of bingo you are playing i.e. land-based or online. While you are playing and-based bingo, bingo tickets are the pages on which bingo cards are printed. And in case of online bingo, one bingo ticket usually refers to one individual bingo card.

  • Blackout

Coverall is nothing but a pattern in 75 ball bingo where you basically need to cover each number on the card that you have so that you can win the game.

  • Bingo Alias/Nickname

This is in the online bingo games. Whenever you register yourself in the online bingo game the player needs to allow himself with a nickname which is his identity while he plays. So that name is of the player’s choice obviously. And this is just for the privacy concern of the players playing online.

  • Bingo bonuses

When you play bingo online there are different types of bonuses that an online bingo site offers you with. These bonuses can include those which are designed to allure new players to the site, bonuses to encourage initial and/or re-funding of an online bingo account, and bonus that you get after referring the specific site to your friends.

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