Bingo Daubers Facts You Should Know

Bingo daubers are like conventional pens which are filled with non-staining and non-toxic inks nowadays. These inks are used specifically to mark paper bingo cards. The daubers come in plastic bottles that have a special sponge tip. They come in several sizes ranging from 45 ml to 120ml of ink bottles and comes in different varieties.

Bingo Daubers Facts You Should Know

History of Bingo Daubers

Bingo daubers were first introduced in Italy back in the early 1500s. In the initial days of the game, the players used to mark their bingo cards with beans which led to its other name, Beano. In the 1700s, the game expanded from Italy to Great Britain, France and other areas of Europe. When the game finally reached North America at the beginning of the 20th century, it became a massive hit. The game became popular among the NGOs and churches and tournaments were often held for fundraising motives. The game also changed with time, especially in the marking methods. The beans were replaced with plastic disks of bright colours and even sliding windows over the numbers.  In the late 20th century, the bingo daubers were introduced and it is used for marking criteria even to this day.

Types of bingo daubers

The bingo daubers come in a wide variety to suit the personal tastes of different players. Some players prefer plain daubers while others prefer colourful ones depending on their personalities and the amount of attention they want to draw. You can even find customized bingo daubers which are widely available in the market. You can find other daubers including novelty daubers, refillable daubers and disposable daubers. Different daubers with various nib shapes and round tips are also available in the market.

Type of ink used in the dauber

Just like the daubers, the players can also avail different types of ink. The players who want to keep a low profile generally use the standard bingo ink which is commonly used in town halls. The colours generally range from orange, pink, purple, aqua and magenta and are vibrant like the fluorescent daubers. For the players who want to make a proper statement, fluorescent inks are available with the colours ranging from lime green, lilac to coral and teal. Some players even use sparkling inks. You can also find non-toxic inks in the market that are safe for kids but you should always check the ink packaging level before buying any.

How they are used in online bingos?

For online bingos, two types of bingo daubers are used namely, Autodaub and manual daubers. The manual daubers comprise virtual daubers which comes with a range of colours and shapes. You can express your personality with the virtual daubers even when you do not have the paper bingo cards at hand. Autodaub is used by many players nowadays. With auto daubs, you can mark the cards automatically as soon as their numbers are called which saves a lot of time. This allows the players to play more cards at a go and the auto-sorting feature helps the players to sort their winning card at the top. Many players still want to mark their cards on their own so the auto daub feature can be turned off from the settings section of the website.

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