Some Strange Baccarat Superstitions

Baccarat is a card game that is played between the player and the banker. There are three possibilities of winning in this game, either the player or the banker wins or there is a tie. This game is full of mystery and uncertainty. Thus, superstitions in this game prevail. It is a very exciting game and there exist some irrational thoughts between the players regarding this game. The game is majorly depended on the factor of luck and once you’ve placed your bets, there’s nothing you can do to influence the outcome of a round. Hence the players are very conscious before placing their bet and so they believe in many superstitions. Some of the bizarre but common superstitions among the baccarat players are:

Some Strange Baccarat Superstitions

  • The Squeeze:
    The squeeze is the most common superstition in the baccarat game. The concept of a squeeze is based on the revealing of cards. This type of superstition is often seen in Macau. Usually, cards in baccarat are dealt face up, but in case of a squeeze, they will be dealt face down. The croupier will choose a player to reveal the hand that they have their bet on. It is a slow and rather deliberate process, whereby the croupier will bend the first card upwards along one side, rotate 90 degrees then bend upwards along the adjoining side, each time revealing only the suit symbols along each edge. The number is concealed throughout this sequence with a carefully placed thumb. The idea is to build up anticipation and tension around the baccarat table, as players can gain a little information about the cards whilst the value remains a secret.

  • Blowing On Cards:
    This is one of the superstitions where the players blow their cards because they feel that the cards that they have landed with are not enough to win. The player usually blows away the bad numbers. For example, if the players may know that they have been dealt either a seven or an eight, but need a six to make nine then players will often blow on the card in the hope of changing its value to their desired number. If even that doesn’t work, you might even see someone stabbing a card with a ballpoint pen for extra good luck.

  • Ripping up cards:
    This is the more destructive way than the squeeze. the players rip of the cards because there are false hands. Hence the players rip of the cards in a belief that the next one will make them win.

  • Tapping a Glass or Ashtray:
    It is a natural human behaviour that when we tend to fail we find some reasons to escape the reality and that’s what players do when they lose few hands. Tapping a glass or ashtray is one of that ritual only. Many baccarat players will come to the casino prepared with pen and paper. Hence, the pen may have another purpose besides writing. Since cards are being dealt, you might see gamblers tapping a glass or ashtray with a pen, as they believe this ritual will bring them the cards they need.
  • Playing at the Same Dealer’s Table:
    Many times players think that the table that they choose for the game might make them win. And so sitting at the right table is very important for the players. Similarly, if they experience a bad session with a particular dealer they will believe that the dealer has brought them bad luck and are likely to pick up their chips and leave the table. Many baccarat players will have a particular croupier in mind when they enter the casino, and others they deem unlucky and wish to avoid. If their ‘lucky’ dealer is switched to an ‘unlucky’ one, they’re more than likely to leave the table when the dealers are switched.


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