Australian Online Gambling Laws

With more than 80 per cent of folks being engaged in different forms of gambling, Australia is believed to be one amongst the regions having the highest betting rates across the globe. Though the government of Australia doesn’t accept betting concepts in their Australian gambling laws just like in the case of Indian gambling laws, the same has got a big approval from the regulatory bodies. On the contrary, although the legality aspect of casino gambling in India stands debatable, the online casino law in India does not restrict online gambling. Basically, casino gambling provides an array of staking products not just limited to poker, pokies, and blackjack. As far hotels are concerned, a majority of the regions excluding Western Australia supports live gambling.

This article aims to list the main Australian gambling laws concerning online gambling including which places are legally approved for online betting and which sorts of live betting are considered to be lawful in Australia. Let’s have a look:

Australian Online Gambling Laws

Is Live Betting Legal in Australia as per Australian gambling laws?

Do you know that Australia was the first country that addressed the validity of live gambling in the year 2001? The government of Australia implemented an Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 law in the Australian gambling laws which were specially formulated to safeguard people from falling into the trap of gambling. According to the law, it was considered valid to
Provide banned gambling commodities to the people in and around Australia.
Provide unlicensed iGaming content to Australian clients and to supply it to people belonging to other nations.

The law set a restriction on most of the live gambling such as blackjack, pokies, roulette, and online poker. However, it didn’t prohibit sports gambling and auto racing, given that there will be no betting practised in these games. If anyone found supplying illegitimate products within or outside the country, he was subjected to a substantial penalty of $220,000.
What’s more? Online lotteries excluding immediate win scratch cards is another concept which wasn’t embraced by the law. As lotteries are nothing different from the gambling concept that you could find in casinos, it wasn’t legalized.
In recent times, people placing bets at online casinos aren’t considered to be the law-breakers, neither is there any kind of penalties imposed upon the Australian people partaking in online casino games or live poker sites.

Legal Gambling in Australia

If you are searching for valid gambling content in Australia, you get no other option than heading to the licensed nightclubs hotel and playing live at an online casino. Here’s the list of types of casino games you could play in Australia as per Australian gambling laws:
Casino Gambling: There have been around total 15 casinos in the entire Australian territory with each state having no less than 1 casino. The casinos offer all types of exciting online games such as pontoon, big wheel, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, Pai Gow, Craps, and the list goes on.
Pokies: Pokies is considered to be one of the most sought-after types of online casino games across Australia. Apart from finding it at casinos, you can play pokies in nightclub, hotels, and bars.
Poker: As soon as Woe Hachem got a victory in the World Series of Poker Main Event held in 2005, Poker gained huge popularity abruptly. Though the game was legal prior to the event, the victory of Hachem drove a lot of people to play Texas Hold’em and other such poker games.
Housie: It is considered to be the common and most played games in Australia and is also utilized for fundraising occasions.
Sports Betting: Australian gambling laws has enabled the gamblers to place their bets on a host of online games including in-game betting.

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