Do you consider yourself as a newbie in the gambling world? Or perhaps, you need someone to instruct you before you begin? In any case, you don’t have to look further! This guide will help you with the fundamentals. An evolution of a wide variety of themes, symbols, types of slots and bonus features can be seen in the history of gambling, but one thing that hasn’t changed at all is the popularity of slots. These online slots, also known as online pokies, are primarily preferred by a lot of players. Here is a quick guide to playing online pokies at Extra Vegas casino.

Online Pokies

Know the Structure of Online Pokies

There are various parts to an online slot machine. Here’s an easy-to-understand description of each element in Pokies.

  • Symbols are images that need to be in distinct patterns to win prizes.
  • The vertical spinning group of symbols is a Reel.
  • A Payline is a pattern of symbols that award a payout.
  • Line Bet is the amount bet on a payline.
  • Total amount bet at a time is Total Bet.
  • Coins are the number of credits bet on a payline.
  • The button that spins the reels is a Spin.
  • Autoplay plays the game by itself for a set number of times.
  • The maximum amount of bet is a Max Bet.
  • Paytables show the amount that paylines win you.

Types of Slots

Along with a wide variety of features available, there are different types of slots.

Classic Slots: These continue to follow the traditional 3-reel slot game. They are very easy to use and understand. Even though the advanced slot types present many more features, sometimes these can provide huge winnings.

Video Slots: These slots are recently developed versions of online pokies. They come with 5 reels and heaps of paylines. They are presented with lots of bonus games, intricate illustrations and graphics. Software producers persistently improve these slots due to their high popularity.

Progressive Slots: These are designed for players looking for a big win. When you bet on a progressive slot, a small per cent is added to the total amount you will get. It grows exponentially until you win!

Perks and Features in Online Pokies

  • Online pokies offer you tons of perks and bonus features!
  • Wilds replace other symbols, boosting your winnings.
  • Three or more scatter symbols can trigger free spins.
  • Through multipliers, your payouts are multiplied.
  • Free spins allow you to play one round for free.
  • Instant wins are possible by gaining bonus games.
  • Gamble feature provides double winnings.
  • Through mobile availability, you can gamble on-the-go.

Although jackpots are occasionally earned, they win you a large sum.

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